Rumney Bouldering


Rumney Bouldering is some of the best in New England.  The rock is four-star quality with huge boulders, great problems, and great access.  Some fo the boulders are actually on the main road through town.  Areas like Black Jack boulders rank amongst the best in the east.  The area has grades for any level climber and any height or size.  Even if you are in the area climbing on the fantastic sport routes the bouldering is a nice diversion and offers some amazing quality routes to keep you occupied between routes or as a seperate bouldering trip.  this area has become a destination area in the past two decades and has promppted new resources and guidebooks to expose the quality.

If you are a New England climber you must visit this area; if you’re from other parts of the US, you will be left out if you don’t.  This area is easy to get to, not as crowded as other New England areas, and a great community exists here that is always willing ot help first-time visitors.


This is one of the most boulder friendly areas you will encounter in your climbing career. Bouldering here is a great experience and many problems don’t even require a pad.  The Pound is a perfect example of an area with many soft ground landings.  Some of the areas near cliffs and in the interior of the Rumney complex have significantly worse landings and a lot of talus.  Bonsai Wall and the Main cliff areas are an example of bad landings that may require one or more pads.

Main Areas

The Pound and Blackjack are the most popular areas.   Parking Lot areas, Bonsai and Venus Boulders are worth checking out but are have less friendly landings and approaches.  The Pound has rock literally on the main road–if you fall you can actually get run over making an irksomely different kind of R/X rating.


Here are a few great videos that showcase just a few of the amazing boulders at Rumney.

Rumney, New Hampshire – Jon Glassberg – Satan’s Choice (V11) and Satan’s Sister Sally (V10) from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.




The Pound boulders are located right off the main road just before town.  I-91 leads to Rt 25 and Buffalo Road just west of Rumney proper.  Cliffs and boulders are located off this road.  Some visible some not.  It is not recommended to park on this road.  Follow directions to specific areas.

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