A great deal of climbing and excellent quality routes make Virginia worthy of climbers attention.  The state is huge and climbing can be found close to the DC metro and all over the Appalachians in the west side of the state.  Granite and conglomerate dominate ridgelines along the Green Mountains and offer great trad lines high above the forests valleys and rivers.
Virginia has great climbing at Old Rag Mountain and many other mountain perches.  A lot of climbing is  located along thee Blue Ridge Parkway.  Many outcrops and bouldering areas have become popular destinations at pullofs along this thrilling road.

Virginia is a large state with a fair amount of climbing.  Many of its areas are quickly accessible but a great deal offer long approaches and a true backwoods experience.  Many Virginia climbers are noted to have trained on the stone statewide and gone on to larger ventures in NC and New England.  The state is also well located to make areas like NC, WV, and the Red not an unreasonable drive depending where in state you live.  The bouldering in Virginia has recently seen an explosion of activity and interest.  Some of the areas in the state have very high quality rock and hard V-grade problems.

Season and Weather

Virginia is a year round state to climb.  Summer is hot and cumbersome on hmid days or thunder shower days–or weeks for that matter–but the state offers pretty good chances to climb anytime.  Some of the mountains get snow but it doesn’t always stay around for long.  Virginia is a great state to live and climb in.

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