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Stanhope Repeats the Prophet in Yosemite

Leo Houlding and Jason Pickles put up a new line that yosemite climbing historytook 10 years to put forth.  it’s called the Prophet and it dominates El Cap’s east wall.   Aside of 5.13 R climbing the route is long, steep, and an incredible feet done by just as talented climbers.  Well in late November, it had it’s fourth ascent by Will Stanhope.  Will state: “It was a major battle, perhaps the toughest for me”.  It’s no wonder top climbers are repeating this type of route but it is impressive how quickly after the  first ascent.   The Prophet ascends some of the most foreboding granite in the Valley and involved more than one day of climbing on this fourth ascent.  It also involves climbing super-thin cracks,  a razor sharp arete and some of the most imposing stone in Yosemite.

More information and a great account of the first ascent can be found on the El Cap Report website.  I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s worth it for the photos alone.



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