California has some of the highest concentration of quality rock climbing and bouldering and probably one of the best and most choices for bouldering, toproping, multi pitch climbing, trad and sport.  Areas like Yosemite, Taquiz, Joshua Tree, Suicide, Lovers Leap, The Needles and many others are world-class destinations and have some of the best rock climbing in the known universe.  The Bay Area is also popular for short crags and boulders, Lake Tahoe has a wealth of granite as well as many spot sin Northern California. The North Coast has hidden coves with great roped and bouldering possibilities and even California Wine country like Napa an Sonoma have interesting cliffs and boulders to play on.
California has more climbing that almost any–if not all–states in the US.  California is huge with diverse boulders large cliffs, sport crags and a lot of land to hide new and undeveloped rock. The state is a playground for the modern or old-school trad climber. Some of the richest and most important climbing history in the United States if not the world lies in the mountains of the golden state.


Colorado needs no introduction or discussion as to why it has amazing rock, it just does. Colorado has some of the best, most, most frequented crags, and highest quality as well as highest cliffs. Bouldering, trad, sport, ice, alpine, and just about anything else a climber could want exists and can be found in this colorful state.

Although most of the popular areas in Colorado are located in the Rockies. The Boulder area and Colorado Front Range is an area onto itself. Great amounts of great areas are in the Front Range and the access and lifestyle are what makes climbers from all over the world plant roots here.

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