Arkansas Overview

Sam’s Throne is the most well known of Arkansas climbing areas and recently some high quality bouldering has ben explored in Cowell Arkansas but the whole state has very good climbing located in the remote hills.  Long known for backcountry trad classics many smaller cliffs on high mountain vistas and in peaceful wooded areas bless Arkansas with quality climbing and bouldeirng.
Arkansas has long been a stout trad climbers state with long standing traditional ethics.  Many high mountaintop crags have plenty of opportunities to climb exciting tad routes that are high above the green valleys.  Summers can be hot here so plan to take advantage of non humid summer days.  Spring to fall is climbable and winter months are often warm enough to get out and crank on some great quality sandstone.  Arkansas may not have a Yosemite-grade crag waiting to be climbed but it does have excellent quality rock and amazing backcountry crags.

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