Massachusetts climbing and bouldering is better than you would expect for a state that normally gets passed through and overlooked by climbers heading to New Hampshire.  Although the cliffs are not as high as the North Conway giants, this state has some of the best bouldering and hardest boulder problems in New England.  Mass climbers have had long battles with access but many areas are now designated for climbing and great areas await the climber wanting to explore the gorgeous woodlands of the state.  Most of the areas are easy to locate and are located in close proximity to big cities or at least areas that are populated; although this is also a blessing and a curse, access problems arise from this fact as well.

Cliffs like the ones found in the Berkshires have some of the higher and more popular cragging in the state.  Large pinnacles, high rockbands and good quality can be found in this region.  Some great bouldering destinations can be found in Great Barrington, Borderlands and even on the outskirts of Boston.  The city of Boston itself has great climbing and some very old history.  areas like Quincy Quarries and many other spots can be reached within a very short drive and on the outskirts of Beantown.

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