New Jersey Rock Climbing



Rock Climbing New Jersey is much better than one would expect. Some of the best climbs in the Tri-state area area can be found in the Garden State.  There are dozens of areas that are great quality for climbs and boulder problems nestled through hillsides and metropolis.  Jersey climbers pride themselves on areas like the Water Gap, Alamuchy State Park, basalt of the Wachung mountains and Soulrands bouldering on fine diabase boulders.  Jersey is a state with a decent amount of rock if you know where to find it.  Many access issues have plauged the state for over a decade but thanks to devoted climbers the state now has legal bouldering and climbing at many areas.  That being said many areas are still closed to climbing.  We have detailed info on many open areas throughought the Garden State and will frequently update access issues.

Jersey has 200 foot high cliffs on Mount tammany at the Delaware Water Gap.  Most state areas are much smaller and top out below 10 feet but you can find cliffs in nearly every quadrant of the state.  Great areas lie above I-80 and boulders are located all over Jersey allowing climbers to have access to rock near every city.


It is important to respect access issues in Jersey because many of the states areas are closed.   A lot of spots lie dangerously to houses or residential areas.  Several areas have been recently open to climbing and have great rock.  With the advent of new information on legal areas climbers should visit spots that allow climbing and bouldering and wait in the hopes that other areas will follow suit and have great access in years to come.  Many other states have climbing that is close to Jersey.

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