Texas Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing  in Texas

A big state with a lot of climbing.  Hueco and western texas is known for the most well-known climbing. The hill country has great bouldering and steep routes.  Enchanted rocks has massive granite domes and scattered boulders.  The season varies but winter draws climbers to Hueco and many other destinations for warmer climbing than the most other states in the lower 48.

Texas rock climbing can be a great retreat in winter for climbers from all over the US to visit but Northern Texas does get cold in winter months. The Texas hill country is known for excellent granite climbing on large rocky domes with many fantastic routes but the sandstone pockets of west Texas are what climbers usually visit the state for.


The most popular areas are undoubtedly Hueco, Enchanted Rocks but many canyons and Limestone cliffs offer a break from the usual Texas rock.  You can find everything from trad to sport and lots of bouldering.  The state is huge so some parts of the Lone Star state leave climbers to resort to building and driving to areas can take a full day or more due to the sheer mass of this state.

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