Not nearly as much climbing as nearby West Virginia or Pennsylvania but small crags do exist and allow local climbers to toprope and Boulder on pretty good stone outcrops. A fair amount of small cliffs lie on ridge lines along the Appalacian Trail and scattered throughout MD. The state has some of the best indoor climbing you can find with modern gyms and high walls. One really good thing about Maryland is the long climbing season. Many days in winter can be warm enough to climb.
Recently a lot of bouldering has been explored in Maryland. Climbers are finding new areas from the Appalacian Trail to wooded boulderig spots that have difficult overhanging boulders with high quality face-climbs. For roped climbing Rocks State Park has been a long-time favorite as well as many areas along the AT. Carderrock and Great Falls along the Patomic have a long history and have seen climbers visit these popular areas close to DC for decades.
Maryland may not have the cliffs California or Colorado but there are enough small crags and boulders to keep Maryland climbers in shape for larger more significant areas.

For bouldering Rocks State park is a great area.  Dozens of great problems can be found in the park and surrounding area.  Sugarloaf Mountain is a great spot for befy trad and Carder Rock is an easily accessible area to DC climbers.  For this reason it is also crowded.  West Virginia is close by and also has areas that can be quickly accessible to any Maryland climber.  Maryland does not have as much climbing as its neighboring states but is does have high quality areas for climbers to quickly get to and keep them in good condition for road trips to PA, WV, or the Gunk’s.

Season and Weather

Spring summer and fall area the best times to climb here.  Winter is also climbable but you can expect very cold days–it is in face south of the Mason Dixon line but it still gets cold.  Maryland offers winter days that are warm enough or sunny enough for climbing, it just depends on the year and day.

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